Monday, 14 September 2015

Offshore Wind Farm Stretches From Lands End and Past Orkney !

The simple question is:

What area of Offshore Site would be needed to generate as much electricity every year as the 0.82 km x 0.82 km site of:     Hinkley Point C ?
At 0.82 km wide, it would need to be 
1600 km Long !
The Seagulls Can't Believe It ?


  1. Looks OK to me, Colin.

    Utterly insane...

    1. And, with a design life of 25 years, it will need to be built 2.4 times to generate electricity for the 60 year design life of Hinkley.

      It's easy to see why offshore electricity is at least 3x more expensive than nuclear power and why it would use 10x more steel and vast quantities of scarce resources.