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Hot off the press:  23/05/2016 9:38 am

Beatrice Offshore Wind Farm is rated at 588 MW and will cost £2.6 billion. It uses 84 of the latest 7 MW wind turbines nearly 4X the height of Nelson's Column [651 ft].

That's a costs £4.42 Billion/GW installed.

Beatrice will supply 450,000 homes which works out at 1.7973 TWh per year. It's 'Operational Phase' is 25 years. So over its working life it will deliver 44.9 TW hours of intermittent, low-carbon electricity.

By contrast, Hinkley Point C Nuclear Power Plant will deliver 25.2288 TWh of 24/7, on demand, low-carbon electricity every year. It's design life is 60 years so it will deliver a total of 1513.7 TWh

14 offshore wind farms, the size of Beatrice, would have to be constructed to deliver the same units of electricity as Hinkley. That's 1,176 x 7 MW turbines.

But that's not the end of the story. After 25 years, those 1,176 x 7 MW turbines would have to be built a 2nd time and then be 10 years in to the 3rd build before 1,513.7 TWh were finally delivered. That's a factor of X2.4.

2.4 x 1,176 = 2,822 x 7 MW turbines.
2.4 x 14 Beatrices = 33.6 Beatrice sized wind farms.
33.6 x £2.6 billion = £87.36 billion.

Hinkley will cost £18 billion + £7.2 billion decommissioning, waste handling and storage, totalling £25.2 billion.

 For this money, nuclear power would supply about 3,47X more low-carbon electricity (24/7, on demand). 

From that website slide, the area of Beatrice 'eyeballs' at about 18 km x 8 km = 144 sq km

14 such wind farms would occupy an area of 2,016 sq km, which is near enough 45 km x 45 km.

Hinkley sits on a site 0.69 sq km in size.

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