Friday, 2 December 2016

Rampion Ramps Up The Cost Of Offshore Wind.

Everything you need to know about Rampion here:

Rampion Offshore Wind Farm is rated at 400.2 MW and will cost £1.596 billion.

That's a costs of £3.99 Billion/GW installed.

Rampion will deliver Intermittent Electricity, capable of Intermittently Powering 283,444 homes [which works through to a Capacity Factor of 31.8%]. Its 'Expected Life' is 25 years.

By contrast, Hinkley Point C Nuclear Power Plant will deliver 24/7 Electricity, capable of On-Demand Powering of 6,406,501 homes [its capacity factor is 90%].
Its 'Design Life is 60 years.

A bit of very simple Arithmetic:

(Hinkley Homes Powered x Design Life)
divided by
(Rampion Homes Powered x Expected Life)
= 54

We'd need to build 54 Rampions to deliver the same amount of electricity as Hinkley !

That would cost 54 x £1.596 billion = £86.18 billion

 For this money, nearly 5 Hinkley Point C nuclear power plants could be built, supplying almost 5X more Low-Carbon electricity - 24/7, On-Demand.

The area Rampion occupies is 79 sq. km. 
54 Rampions would occupy an area equivalent to 
65 km x 65 km

Coincidentally, that's just about the area occupied by the complete map [above] showing the location of Rampion.

Hinkley sits on a site 870 m x 870 m
[About the size of the letter 'H' in SOUTH DOWNS]

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