Monday, 6 February 2017

Secrets Revealed About the UK's Biggest Onshore Wind Farm! - Cost

 And The Truth Will Set You Free ! 

Over its 20 year lifetime, Whitelee will deliver intermittent electricity to the equivalent of 5,976,740 homes.

By comparison:
A 440 MW Rolls-Royce Small Modular Reactor [SMR] is a Pressurised Water Reactor [PWR] with a likely capacity factor of 90% and will 'Last for 60 years'.
The SMR is intended be built and commissioned in a factory
Rolls-Royce Small Modular Reactors.

Using 'average annual domestic electricity usage of 4,266 kWh' a single 440 MW SMR will supply 24/7 electricity to 813,165 homes, for 60 years - the equivalent of 48,789,900 homes.

8 Whitelee-sized wind farms would have to built to deliver the same amount of Intermittent Electricity as the 24/7 Electricity delivered by a single Rolls-Royce 
440 MW SMR.

Whitelee 1 & 2 cost £600 million.

8 x £600 million = £4.8 billion.

Taking the worst case scenario of SMRs having the same installed cost per MW, as the Hinkley Point C EPR 

[£18 billion for 3,200 MW], a 440 MW SMR would cost 
£2.475 billion.

Meaning for the same cost, we could get:

94% More 24/7, Low-Carbon Electricity from SMRs 

than the Intermittent, Low-Carbon Electricity from Onshore Wind Farms.

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